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Instructional Coordinator for Dyslexia

Education Specialist 

The Instructional Coordinator for Dyslexia is a member of the school’s leadership team. 

Requirements (non-negotiable)

* Master of Educational Leadership or higher

* Certification in Lindamood Bell LIPS Sensory-Cognitive Functions 

* Experience using Orton Gillingham researched methods

* 5+ years of experience working with children with Dyslexia

* 5+ years of experience training special education teachers

* Excellent Communication skills 


* Experience with AISF Accreditation 

* Experience with research methodologies

* Experience with diverse populations 

* Current Florida Teacher Certification 

Primary Job Duties:

* Acts as a liaison, local expert, trainer, and coordinator of dyslexia specific strategies using the Orton Gillingham Approach, and Lindamood Bell LIPS Sensory-Cognitive Functions.

* Uses current research to ensure DePaul is using cutting edge tools, curriculum, and strategies to improve the outcomes of students with dyslexia.

* Works with the local universities to participate in research that could enhance our knowledge, practices, and curricula associated with various learning differences.

* Works closely with DePaul teachers, staff, and community to model strategies proven to be effective with students with Dyslexia.

* Fosters a culture of academic excellence.

* Collaborates and implements academic planning and policies. 

* Collaborates in the evaluation of teachers. 

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