A School for Dyslexia in Jacksonville        We Teach The Way They Learn

We are a full-time day school for grades 2-8.

We help students of elementary and middle school age who have dyslexia. Students are taught to mastery in small classes and are grouped by ability rather than grade to maximize effectiveness. Our specialized techniques include multisensory teaching methods along with structured, individualized direct instruction. The emphasis is on basic academic remediation. Enrichment opportunities are offered in art, drama, music, computers and physical education.

An intermediate program is offered for our older students to help prepare them for transitioning to high school. Organizational and study skills are an integral part of the middle school program and these students have the same enrichment opportunities as the younger ones.

All of our staff members are Lindamood Bell Certified instructors. We use a combination of Orton Gillingham aligned strategies to engage children in dyslexia-specific programs, such as LiPS® (Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing) and Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program for Cognitive Development, Comprehension, and Thinking.

Our curriculum is also completely customized for each student, based on his or her own unique needs. The teaching plan is based on careful and continuous assessment of the individual’s learning differences and academic progress. Content presented must be mastered step by step for the student to progress. The DRA2 (Direct Reading Assessment), STAR testing, I-Ready Reading and I-Ready Mathematics are used to place, monitor, and plan for each student. 

Voyages in English, Handwriting Without Tears, SRA Imagine It by McGraw Hill, the Barton Reading and Spelling System, and Saxon Math are used to supplement instructional activities.

Our curriculum is slower-paced, deliberate, and repetitive. We avoid the “one-size-must-fit-all” mentality found in traditional schools, opting instead for creative, direct instruction methods along with experimental and hands-on learning. We don’t just assume the kids are learning—we have several checks and balances in place to make sure they are.

An important character trait of our curriculum is FUN. These kids have been conditioned to hate school. It takes strong relationships, motivation, and FUN to allow students to believe in the process and in themselves again.

We also give our students regular breaks to avoid brain fatigue; they go outside and play on every clear day. We also assign every student to a P.E. class.

Since our students have learning differences, we work to match multisensory lessons with their neurological wiring. To accomplish that, we:
-Regularly assess students for Reading, Language, and Math levels, then sort them into classes (for subjects) by ability, teach the curriculum to mastery, then bump them to the next level when they are ready
-Allow extra time for assessments
-Don’t overload kids with homework
-Present lessons in a variety of ways
-Employ repetition in lessons, since many of our kids struggle with memory difficulties
-Engage kids with lessons in a variety of creative ways to help them apply information to everyday life.

Admission to any DePaul program is determined through a screening process and parent interview. This process includes a review of the student's psycho-educational evaluation, a review of school records, placement testing and parent/child rating scales. If school administrators determine more information is needed, recommendations will be made for additional evaluations.

Please call the school at (904) 223-3391, or schedule a tour!