DePaul School of Northeast Florida

We Teach The Way They Learn


Our History

DePaul School of N.E. Florida (DSNF) was founded in August 1980 by a group of Jacksonville parents who realized there was a real need in the community for specialized education that went beyond tutoring and simple accommodations.

Jacksonville needed a school for kids affected by dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, visual and auditory processing disorders, and other learning differences. That school would teach the way their kids learned:

It's classrooms would be filled with skilled, creative teachers who make lessons an immersive, multisensory experience for the kids.

It would have hands-on teaching, creative projects, innovative clubs, free play, and lots of variety.

It would teach research-based material and curriculum to mastery.

It would play to each child's strengths, and give each student the tools needed to address areas of weakness.

It wouldn't overload students with excessive homework, or leave them behind in daily lessons.

Those parents helped build that school, which s
tarted as a Saturday program, and grew into a summer program. Finally in 1982, the day school opened it's doors to Jacksonville's children. DSNF operated under the direction of The DePaul School in Louisville, Kentucky until 1990.

Since its inception, DePaul has educated children with learning differences such as auditory and visual processing disorders, attention deficits, dyslexia, and memory processing disorders. The goal of the DePaul program is to teach children the way they learn so they can succeed in education, and eventually, in fulfilling their life's work as a member of the community.

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