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DePaul Parents Say...

"Through the grace of God and a good mental health professional I was told about the DePaul School.

Today, Christopher is a different young man, very happy, confident and a repeat Honor Roll student that loves his school. He now helps his friends and peers with their school work and projects. Christopher now knows with 100% certainty he is not stupid but truly brilliant!

Christopher's miraculous success can only be attributed to the DePaul Schools method of teaching and the skilled staff of true miracle workers, who are patient beyond belief."


"At the end of his first grade year, my son was tested at Nemours Children's Hospital and diagnosed with dyslexia. They recommended I call the DePaul School where he  started what was to be three years of private tutoring with a DePaul teacher.  This specialized teaching helped my son learn the way his brain needed to learn, and now, five years later, he is at the top of his public school class, in advanced classes."
Anonymous DePaul Parent


"Never before has my daughter so readily desired to learn and get her homework done. DePaul has, in a very short time, turned my daughter around and she is enjoying it!"

"My son was held back in first grade. Since coming to DePaul five years ago, he now has a passion for learning and the drive to achieve. Thank you, DePaul, for laying the foundation for his success."

My daughter's self esteem has improved 100% since attending DePaul. She is in a safe, nurturing environment.


"Being at DePaul has been nothing short of a miracle for our family.

My son is flourishing, but it wasn't always that way. He was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2nd grade. Every assignment and task was so difficult for him in public school, and he was under intense stress. He knew he was smart, but he also knew every student around him was learning, and he wasn't. Week after week, helpless, he struggled through each day. We had him put into the special education program where we thought he would get more individualized instruction. He was placed in a group with 14 other students and was expected to keep up the pace. It was impossible.

We searched for other options for him and found the DePaul School. They have been a tremendous help."

"I have always credited DePaul School with 'saving my son.' At DePaul he first learned how to accept himself, and then how to recreate pathways in his brain in order to read, write, study, and learn. The skills he developed there have helped him throughout his academic career and his personal life.

Today he is a bright, articulate, imaginative, humorous, and eager man. He will always struggle with his learning difference, but he approaches new challenges with confidence and knowledge."

"I am very thankful for this school. My son attended for 5 years.

The public school system quickly turned their back on him, and being new to Florida, I didn't know what to do. A friend told me about the McKay Scholarship, and that is how I found DePaul. If it wasn't for that, I would have been lost and my son would have severely struggled.

The staff cared for him and were truly invested in his success."

"DePaul has been the best school ever for my son. He now feels confident thanks to the good teachers and good leadership." Barbara


"Words cannot express how grateful I am to God and DePaul for giving my son the chance to prove himself in a private school environment. He  struggled for years with his ADHD and inability to express himself, but at DePaul, he blossomed into a fine young man. I want to thank all of his teachers, this year and last, for your hard work for my son while at DePaul.

For those considering DePaul for your child, do not waste another moment! Call and make an appointment!"


"Thank you, thank you, thank you, DePaul! Your school and program have been a dream come true for our family. When the DePaul School was recommended, we were skeptical but, after two years at DePaul, our son's progress has far surpassed our wildest expectations! For the first time ever, he enjoys reading and even reads on his own without prompting. 

Our tears of frustration and uncertainty have turned into tears of joy! Our child is now confident and finally realizes that he is the bright, capable son that we saw all along. 

The possibilities for his future are now endless thanks to DePaul!"