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Multisensory Clubs at DePaul

Bricks for Kids: LEGOs

Bricks for kids is the LEGO club at DePaul school explore architecture, engineering and technology concepts using LEGO® bricks. Students participate in 8-week sessions focused on exciting themes including Space, Inventions, Famous Buildings, and Natural Disasters. Classes follow the Bricks 4 Kidz® motto: We Learn, We Build, We Play with… LEGO® Bricks.


Coastal Kicks Soccer Training and Development

Coastal Kicks will be providing a monthly program for students in grades 2-8 at DePaul School. Students will receive instructions in technical skills such as dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting, tackling and more.



DePaul is a multisensory school.

We immerse our kids in a world of meaningful visuals, dynamic sounds, and interesting textures. 
This approach helps them develop focus and a healthy means of expression, and a sense of creativity.


This practice gives anxious kids tools to deal with physical, mental, and emotional stress. It encourages them to be healthy, teaches them how to remain in control of their emotions, and helps clear their minds of racing thoughts. 

MindLab Puzzle Experience
Our kids love strategy games! 
Puzzles and games help them develop and apply problem-solving skills, and teach them critical thinking and teamwork.