DePaul is a school for students in grades 2-8 who have dyslexia and related learning differences.

If your child:

- has dyslexia, an IEP for reading, or struggles in reading/spelling
- is a good school citizen
- will be in grades 2-8

Our mission

DePaul is committed to understanding and educating students with specific learning issues such as visual and auditory processing disorders, memory or attention deficits, and dyslexia.

We maintain a commitment to excellence in education while helping students develop to their full potential.

6500 + Happy Clients

200 + Happy Clients

100 % Happy Clients

Our school is small, but full of life, laughter, and learning.

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We use:

  • Researched curriculum (using the Orton-Gillingham approach)
  • Outstanding teachers
  • Small classroom sizes (about 12:1 maximum)
  • Specialized academic groupings (tailored to the student's actual operating levels in Reading, Language, and Math)
  • Multisensory techniques (engaging, immersive activities and cutting-edge classroom projects)

    ... to deliver an outstanding educational experience for the 1 in 5 students with dyslexia.

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