Admissions & Financial Aid

DePaul is a school for students in grades 2-8 who have dyslexia and related learning differences.

 DePaul accepts students who:

  • have dyslexia, an IEP for reading, or struggles in reading/spelling
  • are good school citizens
  • will be in grades 2-7

Step 1

Schedule a half-hour tour here, or call (904) 223-3391 to tell us your story. Tours are for the grownups.

Step 2

All tryout days are by invitation only. Request a tryout day after your tour by submitting your student’s psychoeducational evaluation/diagnosis, and their most recent report card showing conduct and attendance. You may email this information to or bring these to our front desk. Please let the Admissions staff know your child’s approximate grade level in Reading and Math. We will contact you if a tryout day is available.

Step 3

After screening your student for behavior, attendance, and learner profile, DePaul will invite your student to a tryout day or refer you to a more suitable school.

Step 4

If your student is accepted and we notify you that a seat is open, fill out your enrollment form/application and submit it with deposit to secure the seat. Open enrollment for accepted students is typically in February.

Fill Out New Student Application (Screened and accepted students only)

Pay Enrollment Deposit

Returning Students

Re-Enroll (Download Form)

Re-Enroll (Online Form)

We’d love to show you around DePaul School of Northeast Florida (DePaul School Jax). The best way to get information about us is to schedule a tour!

Tuition for 2023-24: $14,375
New Student Registration $250
Annual Program Fee $525

Payment plans and sibling discounts available. Please see scholarship info on this page to help offset costs.

"Our school is small, but full of life, laughter, and learning!"

DePaul School of Northeast Florida
3044 S. San Pablo Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32224

(904) 223-3391

Financial Aid Options

To get the MOST scholarship money for any given school year, start looking/applying for scholarships the February-April BEFORE the autumn you wish to enroll in DePaul. SOME scholarships can be combined! Please talk to us before you apply.

If cost is an issue, let’s go over your options! Call us at 904.223.3391.

*DePaul’s tuition may be tax deductible if itemized as a medical expense. Please check with your accountant before you file your taxes.

Note: We’ll notify enrolled families with next steps when these scholarships open for 2023-24.

Family Empowerment Scholarship – UA
(Unique Abilities) FL

(For Learning Differences)

The Family Empowerment Scholarship-Unique Abilities category (FES-UA) is an educational savings account. 

Award amounts depend on your student’s grade level, matrix score, learning difference, and other things like Florida’s
annual budget. Amounts may be different from year to year.  

To apply, visit

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship FL (Income-Based)

FTC gives scholarships to certain students in low-income families.
Eligibility: household income is less than 375% of the federal poverty level, OR the student is in foster care.

To apply:

AAA Scholarships FL

If scholarships are not available through Step Up For Students, you may qualify for funding through AAA. Applications typically become available in mid-March.

To apply:, or call 1-888-707-2465

The Hope Scholarship FL (For victims of  bullying or harassment in school)

Florida public school students who are victims of battery, harassment, hazing, bullying, kidnapping, assault, robbery, or other types of intimidation at school may qualify for the Hope Scholarship.

To apply:

Frances McGlannan Foundation Grants

This is a grant for Florida kids who need a school for dyslexia AND need more funds to enroll. Your student will need a Dr.’s diagnosis of dyslexia to apply. Expect an application fee of about $45.

This scholarship can combine with other scholarships on this list!

To apply:

Payment Plans

We set up interest-free monthly payment plans for many parents, to make the rest of tuition affordable after scholarships are applied.

To set up a payment plan, make an appointment with Charlotte Parker by calling 904.223.3391 from 9:00 AM – 2:45 PM on business days.


You get a discount for enrolling a qualifying sibling (-$1500), and/or referring a student to DePaul who enrolls ($100 for each of them).

If you refer a student who enrolls, please let Charlotte Parker know at 904.222.3391.

Tips and Notes

DePaul is usually fully enrolled by early spring before the school year starts. We don’t get final scholarship amounts from Florida until July before school starts. That means you shouldn’t wait for scholarship announcements before you enroll in DePaul.

You cannot combine Florida state scholarships with each other.

Need help? Make an appointment with Charlotte Parker by calling 904.223.3391 weekdays from 9 AM – 2:45 PM.

Scholarships are subtracted from total tuition, and parents are responsible for any remaining tuition. Most parents can expect to pay $300+ per month for DePaul, even with the maximum amount of scholarships.

Please note: Parents are responsible to pay full tuition payments until funding comes through.

Students are not eligible for re-enrollment if you are not current on payments.

Tuition is tax-deductible ONLY if itemized under Medical Expenses.

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