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Join Us November 16th at 6:00 PM

Duval County has about 30,000 students with dyslexia and only 400 “seats” available in schools that know how to teach them. Most teachers in public or private schools are unaware of dyslexia and lack the tools/training to help these students. Most schools — public or private — do not have the curriculum to truly help their dyslexic learners.


DePaul School's answer is the Loyal Lions Capital Campaign to raise money for a new and expanded school. This life-changing school must grow and serve more students in the community, doing our part to give Jacksonville's dyslexic youth the education they need and deserve. 

YOU can help us by eating dinner at Dine For Dyslexia!

Featuring Dr. Tracy Alloway, renown psychologist, author and advocate for children with learning differences, this event will be informative and helpful on multiple levels.

Please join us to support the school and help the dyslexic kids of Jacksonville build a brighter and more successful academic future!

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