A School for Dyslexia in Jacksonville        We Teach The Way They Learn

DePaul was started by parents (with the help of experts) who wanted to build a school that teaches the way that children with dyslexia learn. 

Dyslexia is a genetic learning difference that affects 1 in 5 people, and it's based on neurological wiring.

Dyslexia varies in severity from person to person. One student with mild dyslexia may struggle to learn accurate spelling, while another student with profound dyslexia may require years of instruction to attain literacy. 

Other signs of dyslexia include:

Serious spelling problems

Difficulties learning to read, particularly in grade 3 and beyond

Guessing by using the shapes of words versus actually reading

Directional confusion, such as left/right, above/below, yesterday/tomorrow, and before/after

Difficulty tying shoes

Mix-ups in spoken syllables, like saying "basketti" for spaghetti. In fact, children with dyslexia may continue speaking like a 3-4 year-old for several years

Delays in crawling, walking, or speaking

Extreme messiness (messy rooms, messy backpacks)

Difficulty learning the alphabet 

Don't understand the concept of rhyming

Chronic ear infections

Due to hard work with little payoff, homework is an overwhelming nightmare

Gifted in the areas of empathy/interpersonal relationships, big-picture thinking, the arts, music, dance, and athletics

Well-Known People With Dyslexia

More About Dyslexia


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often goes hand-in-hand with dyslexia. It presents as difficulty sustaining attention, hyper-restlessness, and impulsive behavior, leading to poor performance in school. ADHD is often displayed in hyperactivity, while ADD is a slower-paced state of inattention.

Dysgraphia is a visual-motor integration problem that causes childlike, nearly illegible handwriting that is often slow, labored, and tedious.

At DePaul, we build everything around the way a student with dyslexia receives and processes information.

If you suspect your child has one or more learning differences, we encourage you to book a tour with us, and if possible, get a full psychoeducational evaluation*, which will benefit your child greatly. If you're seeking a psychoeducational evaluation in Northeast Florida, we recommend:

Dr. Edward Taylor,  3750 San Jose Pl Ste 35, Jacksonville, FL 32297, (904) 886.9006
Dr. Michael Sisbarro, 11512 Lake Mead Avenue #305, Jacksonville, FL 32256, (904) 379.6317
Dr. Marcos DiPinto, 807 Childrens Way,  Jacksonville, FL 32207, (904) 697.3600

*not required for enrollment at DePaul